DAY 14 – Gatte Ki Subji

Gatte ki sabji is an authentic Rajasthani delicacy.

Rajasthani cuisine offers some exotic and scrumptious combo meals and dishes that are sure to delight the taste buds of foodies.

The state of Rajasthan is famed for its rich, regal culture and heritage. The arid nature of the region, the extreme climatic conditions, scarcity of water and vegetation has witnessed the involvement of unique cooking styles and food habits of the natives that is noticeably different from other Indian cuisines.

Gatte basically means steamed dumplings. The dumplings are made out of gram flour and other spices and added to a spicy curd based gravy. It can be enjoyed with roti and/or rice.

Today, I learned how to make this lip – smacking dish.

Here’s the recipe.

Gatte Ki Sabji


-For gatta

1. Gram flour.       1 cup 

2. Salt.         To taste 

3. Chili powder.   1 tsp

4. Turmeric powder.    1/2 tsp

5. Cumin seeds.           1 tsp

6. Oil.        1 +1/2 tbsp

7. Water to kneed dough

Saunf.     Pinch 

-For gravy 

1. Yoghurt.   1/4 cup

2. Oil.     1 tbsp

3. Coriander powder   1/2 tsp

4. Chili powder.   1 tsp 

5. Turmeric powder.  1 tsp 


1. Take gram flour, salt, chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin seeds and oil and make a tough dough. 

2. Roll out into cylinders and steam Fot 10 mins. After it is steamed, cut into pieces. 

3. In a pan, heat oil , add yoghurt, chili powder, turmeric powder ,coriander powder and little water.Let it cook. 

4. Add the gatta and cook for 5 mins. 

5. Serve hot with roti or rice. 


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