DAY 11- Minty Cucumber Cooler

Happy Sunday folks!

Today, I tried an exciting juice made from cucumber and mint. The regular cucumber juice was made refreshing and surprising with mint, lemon, green chilies and honey.

Hydrate your skin, this Summer with this cooler!

Green chilies give this cooler a pungent flavor and honey adds sweetness and balances the spiciness of the chilies.

Cucumber has high water content that helps in keeping the body hydrated and the low calorie content makes it a great choice for a weight loss diet. It also revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin, reduces hairfall and reduces dark circles.

Chilies might be spicy and hot, but it also comes along with amazing health benefits. It is good for weight loss, prevents stomach cancer, keeps skin healthy and glowing and helps in keeping the eye pain away.

Mint as discussed earlier, helps relieve depression, nausea, headache and is an excellent breath freshener.

Honey has anti- bacterial and anti- fungal properties, it helps regulate blood sugar and prevents the risks of heart diseases.


Minty Cucumber Cooler



  1. Cucumber                           1
  2. Mint leaves                         6-7 sprigs
  3. Lemon juice                       1/2 lemon
  4. Salt                                       1 tsp
  5. Honey                                   1 tbsp
  6. Green chilly                         1
  7. Ice cubes                               4-5
  8. Water                                    If required


  1. In a mixture jar, add cucumber slices, mint leaves, lemon juice, salt, green chily rings and honey.
  2. Blend until smooth. Add water if it is lumpy.
  3. Strain it with a strainer.
  4. In the serving glass, add ice cubes and pour the juice.
  5. Garnish with cucumber slice.

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