DAY 8 – White Jamun


White Jamun is a summer fruit and is often called Wax Jamun due to it’s texture.

It is very refreshing, the fruit is crisp, almost crunchy and juicy in taste with a mild scented flavor, tasting mildly sweet.

With a good 93% of water content and quite a lot of dietary fibres ,it prevents diarrhea and relieves throat infections.

White jamun is highly helpful in cooling off your body during the summers. It thereby helps prevent heat strokes and dehydration that are caused due to excessive heating up of the body.

White Jamun And Mint Juice




  1. White Jamun                       3 nos.
  2. Mint leaves                          2-3 sprigs
  3. Lemon                                  1 no.
  4. Salt                                        1 tsp
  5. Club soda                              1 cup



  1. In a mixture jar, blend White jamun, mint leaves, lemon and salt.
  2. Once it is in a form of a smooth paste, transfer it in the serving glass.
  3.  Top with club soda.

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