Turning my passion for food into a career 


I have always loved cooking since I was little, I think it all started when I saw my mom prepare lip smacking dishes. 

I was in love, deep, untamed love that runs in my veins. 

I love everything about Food- the fragrance, texture, irresistible smell and obviously the overwhelming taste. 

Kitchen attracted me for a very long time and I finally took a step in and tried my best to whip up something delicious. 

My journey in the kitchen has always been full of exciting experiences. I had it in my mind and in my heart that cooking is what makes me happy. 

I took up cookery as a subject in school and I performed well. My passion was building. Food was getting my heartbeat. 

There was a cooking competition in school which gave me a huge opportunity to show my talent. My focused mind and positive attitude made me win the competition. 

Time passed and today I take a  step forward. I have joined culinary school, because I believe to follow my passion. The passion which will soon be changed into a career. 

My love for Food is infinite,my Passion for cooking is my Happiness.

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